Gardening in July

Gardening in July

Summer is finally here. June brought had its moments. Wimbledon attracts rain like a magnet but here we are in July and English gardens are in full bloom. Just take a moment to survey the vibrant display of flowers, lush greenery, and thriving vegetable patch. This is what it’s all about. How can you keep … Read more

June in the Garden

There were probably some beautiful days in May, but June is when the summer really arrives in an English garden. Warmer temperatures and longer days encourage you to get out and enjoy the lush growth and greenness. June is ideal for planting summer annuals like marigolds, petunias, and begonias. It’s also a good time to … Read more

Jobs for April in the Garden

In April, it finally feels like spring is starting to happen. The grass begins to grow, blossom appears, and leaves appear on trees that have been bare all winter. April is a month of anticipation and activity in the garden. So what are the jobs for April in the garden? Soil preparation is an important … Read more

Enjoy your garden in March

Your garden in March is shaking off its winter sleep. It’s a time of transition, when the garden begins to shake off the chill of winter and embrace the promise of spring. With longer days and warmer temperatures, March presents a wealth of opportunities for gardeners to prepare for the warm season ahead. The primary … Read more

Preventing an Accident

We were recently called to inspect this tree in Horsted Keynes. The owner was concerned about it. Due to the extreme amounts of rainfall we have been experiencing, rain puddles have collected in several of the unions of its branches. This water had seeped into the inner trunk and over time, had caused the wood to … Read more

The Garden in January

The Garden in January

Happy New Year! Wishing you a great time in your garden in 2024. The garden in January is resting and rejuvenating ready for the upcoming spring. However, there are still plenty of tasks for gardeners. So put on the boots and gloves and get out into the garden in January. While the garden may seem … Read more

Jobs in the Garden in December

As winter settles in and temperatures drop, the garden in December might seem like a quiet month in the UK. However, this is a crucial time to prepare your garden for the colder months and ensure it’s ready to burst into life come spring. Here are some essential jobs in the garden in December. By … Read more

Felling a Diseased Tree in Haywards Heath

Recently a customer asked us to take down a diseased Spruce tree in Haywards Heath. It was a very tall tree, as you can see in this view from the top. As it was diseased it represented a real risk to surrounding homes. The technique we use it to climb the tree, removing branches as … Read more

When is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

Gardening is seasonal and there is a best time for everything. Normally the best time to trim trees in is when they are dormant. In Britain, this is usually between September and the following March. The signs of dormancy are familiar to us all. In preparation for winter, leaves start to turn colour, yellow, orange … Read more

Your Garden in July

July is a time to relax and enjoy the good weather. All the work you have done during the year has come to fruition. The garden looks lush and full of colour, the flowers look lovely and bees are buzzing around. In many areas, hosepipe bans are in place. These bans are legally enforceable with … Read more