When is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

Gardening is seasonal and there is a best time for everything. Normally the best time to trim trees in is when they are dormant. In Britain, this is usually between September and the following March. The signs of dormancy are familiar to us all. In preparation for winter, leaves start to turn colour, yellow, orange and finally brown, and then fall. The tree is then dormant and can be trimmed or pruned without harming it.

Only deciduous trees (Oak, Ash, Chestnut) behave like this. Trimming evergreens is a different matter. Evergreens are best trimmed after they finish growing for the year. This is typically in late spring, May and June.

Trees are usually trimmed when they grow too large and block out the light. It’s fine to trim a tree if it’s becoming difficult to live with, just do the work at the right time of year.

Greyhound Gardening have a fully qualified team of tree surgeons who are properly equipped and insured to ensure that your tree trimming is done comptently and safely. Getting up in to the crown of a tree is potentially dangerous and should be left to people trained to do the work.

If it’s the right time of year and your trees need some attention, please get in touch with us. If you don’t know what sort of tree you have, please email us some pictures at info@greyhoundgardening.co.uk

We have many years of experience working in the gardens and wooodlands of Sussex, helping people get the best from their trees.