Your Garden in July

July is a time to relax and enjoy the good weather. All the work you have done during the year has come to fruition. The garden looks lush and full of colour, the flowers look lovely and bees are buzzing around.

In many areas, hosepipe bans are in place. These bans are legally enforceable with fines of up to £1000 if breached. This does not mean that you are banned from watering your garden, you just can’t use a hose. Since that means using a watering can, be selective about what you water. Established shrubs and trees do not need watering. Their roots reach deep into the soil and they will be just fine. Likewise don’t bother to water your lawn. It’s impossible with a watering can. Although the grass may go brown, it will recover instantly as soon as the temperatures drop and rain falls. That’s how nature works. Limit your watering to plants in pots, annuals and new planting. To maximise the effectiveness of your watering, do it late in the evening after the temperature has dropped. The water gets the chance to percolate through the soil rather than evaporate. More of the water gets to the roots where it is needed.

If your lawn remains green, it is fine to mow it. Do consider leaving an area uncut so that daisies, buttercups and clover can flower and provide food for insects. Flying insects are essential for the health of your garden, they will pollinate your plants so that they bloom next year. Insects are already under pressure from the multiple threats of insecticide use, climate change and loss of the long grass and flowers they need to survive. Support your local insects.

Enjoy your garden in July. If we can help you with any gardening tasks, please get in touch.