Long Hot Summer

During July this year, some parts of the UK received only 4% of their usual rainfall. The heat shows no sign of relenting and the parts of the country are going into a hosepipe ban. Tough times for gardens and gardeners.

So what can you do?

If you have pots in direct sunlight, move them into the partial shade. This will help conserve their water resources. Many plants commonly planted in British gardens will struggle in these levels of heat and drought, so help them where you can.

A hose pipe doesn’t stop you from watering with a watering can. Prioritise plants that are relatively new in their positions and have not yet established their root systems. Mulching around your plants will also help them retain precious moisture.

Now is also a good time to plan. Install a water butt and rainwater catchment so that when the rain does come (and it will), you are ready to capture and store it for your garden. Think about your future planting. It makes little sense to invest in plants that are high maintenance, research Mediterranean varieties instead. This summer isn’t a one-off, the future is hotter and drier. So plan accordingly.

Happy Gardening from The Greyhound Team.