Tree surgery in Burgess Hill & Horsted Keynes

We reduced this group of extremly large Oak and Hornbeam mix for a customer in Burgess Hill, they were concerned about the spread of the trees dominating the garden and also alleviating some of the lateral weight on the large Oak due to a included union.

Tree surgery in Burgess Hill


Burgess Hill Tree surgery- Big Oak Reduction- Before-

The branches and logs stayed on site for this job at the customers request to deal with in their own time. The customer was extremely happy with the result. The large Oak in the middle of the tree was approximately 80 ft. Below you can see an after picture with Mr Duncan Baker standing in front of the large Oak for scale.


Burgess Hill Tree surgery- Big Oak Reduction- after


This Willow was struck by lightning in Horsted Keynes completely destroying the main leader of the tree and resulting in a massive fracture of the whole branch. The whole large limb had to come back down to ground level because of the extent of the damage done by the lightning strike, resulting in a very un-balanced shape to the whole tree, so we reduced the rest of the tree to match in with the removed limb. The customer was very happy with the work we carried out on a small but challenging tree.



A close up of the damaged limb created by the lightning strike (the picture really doesn’t do it justice).


After- although the tree was reduced very heavily because of the lightning we managed to get a fairly good shape to a very tricky tree. The tree will quickly re-establish a good crown and create a good natural shape again.