Tree Surgery in Crawley

Greyhound were originally based in Crawley and have a solid base of customers in the town. Look out for our tree surgery vehicle. Our trees surgeons are fully trained and insured, so when you engage us to work on your trees, you can confidence that they are in good hands.

Tree Surgery FAQ

Q. If I have a tree on my land, what are my responsibilities?

A. The owner of a tree owes a duty of care to all third parties, on or adjacent to their land and is liable for any nuisance or damage the tree causes. If the tree owner is aware of a defect in their tree and does not address it, they may be held liable for negligence if harm or damage results.

Q. What are the most common causes of damage to trees?

A. Fire is probably the most common cause of damage. Starting a fire under the branches of a tree may result in root damage as the soil heats. Scorching the foliage may kill buds and branches, and the scorching and killing of bark can open the way to  harmful bacteria and fungi. Crude pruning can be very damaging, as can altering soil levels and piling compost close to tree trunks. Root damage from digging foundations for extensions or conservatories, laying tarmac drives and carrying out hard landscaping is harmful and can directly lead to the tree becoming unstable.

Q. I’m worried that a large limb may fall onto neighbour’s garage. What should I do?

A. It’s worth remembering that wood is actually heavy and a large tree limb can be very heavy indeed. It will need specialised techniques to bring it safely to the ground. Call us for advice and we will be happy to visit and suggest a plan of action to safely remove the limb. Tree surgery training includes the techniques of getting heavy and awkward parts of trees safely to the ground and off site.

If you have other questions, we would be pleased to answer them. Call us on 01825 791979

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