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Tree Surgery in Haywards Heath

Greyhound Tree and Garden Services have been working for customers in the Haywards Heath area for many years. Our staff are fully trained to provide a high standard of service.

Do I need a Tree Surgeon?

There will be times when a tree is obviously too big and is causing a nuisance. It may be blocking the light, overhanging a neighbour’s property or simply getting in the way. We will be happy to advise in these situations.

However any tree can become diseased or damaged and start to decline into a hazardous state. It’s worth knowing what to look for:

There are several worrying signs to look out for which can mean that action needs to be taken to remove the hazard for the benefit of the tree and also for the people that they tree may come into contact with. They include…

  • If you see signs of ground movement, known as heave, at the base of the tree on a windy day it’s possible that the roor structure has become unstable.
  • If you see raised soil, cracks in the ground or other disturbance opposite to the trees lean, this could indicate that the tree is starting to topple under it’s own weight.
  • A large limb which extends over a road or building needs special vigilance. If there are signs of cracking or foliage is dying away, contact us for advice/
  • Some fungi feed on dead wood and the appearance of fungal growth on the tree truck may be an early warning sign of decline. Not all fungi are attracted to dead wood though, don’t be alarmed, get it checked.
  • If the tree trunk divides, the point of division or crotch can be a point of failure. Stronger connections appear as a U shape at the crotch, whilst a tight V shape usually means a weak connection.
  • Branches that do not produce foliage have died and will eventually drop. If they are large and heavy it is better to remove them before they fall and cause damage.

If you are concerned, please get in touch on 01825 791979. We can advise.

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