Garden Tips For March

March is here, heralding the welcome start to spring. The more frequent sunny days now provide us happy gardeners with the opportunity to undertake an increased range of gardening tasks.There’s lots to be done and time to get busy, here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

If your soil is workable, fertilise all flower beds with either well rotted manure, bone meal or compost for the growing season ahead.

Now is the time to put any supports in for your garden plants that will need supporting.

If your soil is workable now is the time to move any deciduous trees or shrubs.

Feed trees, shrubs and hedges with fertiliser. 

Feed and prune roses.

Cut back any shrubs grown for their winter stems back to their bases.

Prune overwintered fuscias to one or two buds on each shoot.

Keep an eye out for slugs as the weather begins to warm, try not to use slug pellets as these are harmful for the eco system.

Deadhead winter Pansies, Hydrangeas and daffodils. 

Plant native hedges to encourage wildlife.

Mulch fruit trees with manure or compost,  keeping mulch away from building up around the trunks.

Recut any lawn edges.

If it’s a nice warm and dry day, mow your lawn on a high setting.If your ground is dry, new turf can be laid.Prepare your soil for growing new lawn from seed.

Begin weeding now, as it’s easier to control the weeds when they’re young.

Hope these tips are helpful and enjoy your gardens.
Happy Gardening!The Greyhound team